Waiver of Liability

By participating in any game at Sherlock’s Escape Rooms, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions:

  1. I hereby acknowledge that Sherlock’s Escape Rooms will not be held responsible for any injuries I might possibly sustain while at Sherlock’s Escape Rooms. I recognize that I am playing at my own risk and for my own enjoyment. I agree to indemnify Sherlock’s Escape Rooms of any and all claims, suits or actions whatsoever, for any liability, damages or compensation brought by me or anyone on my behalf including any and all attorney’s fees and any related costs incurred by me or anyone on my behalf.
  2. I acknowledge that Sherlock’s Escape Rooms is not responsible for any of my personal belongings while I am present at Sherlock’s Escape Rooms.
  3. I acknowledge that I am personally and financially liable for any damages I or any member of my group may cause to any property of Sherlock’s Escape Rooms. I understand that I am responsible for my behavior and any misconduct, and should I incur any injury, due to my negligence or that of others, I am responsible for my own medical costs and treatment of any kind related to any event that occurs while attending Sherlock’s Escape Rooms.
  4. I acknowledge and agree that I will not photograph or record or otherwise copy any portion of my experience unless otherwise granted direct permission from Sherlock’s Escape Rooms. I grant Sherlock’s Escape Rooms permission and rights to any use of any video, photographs, or content using my likeness for promotional purposes.
  5. I grant that Sherlock’s Escape Rooms may store and use my contact information for operational and marketing purposes related to Sherlock’s Escape Rooms and I grant permission to Sherlock’s Escape Rooms to send me e-mail, sms/mms text messages for informational or promotional purposes. I further acknowledge Sherlock’s Escape Rooms will never sell any of my personal information to third parties.
  6. I grant staff members of Sherlock’s Escape Rooms as well as other invited guests the right to laugh at me and not necessarily with me and my group. I acknowledge that if my team does not escape, Sherlock’s Escape Rooms has the option to feed me bread and water for up to three days, and the option to refuse such meals is up to me. During the holiday seasons, Sherlock’s has the option to substitute bread and water for cookies and milk at their own discretion. I also acknowledge that pepper shakers have a larger hole than salt shakers regardless of how many holes there are or what continent I live on. Additionally, I acknowledge that if I find a tree in my room, I agree not to climb it, cut it down, or otherwise prove I am stronger than the tree.
  7. I acknowledge that the contact information provided is accurate and up to date.
  8. I acknowledge that I have read carefully this entire waiver of liability release form and fully understand it is a full release of any liability. I voluntarily and fully release Sherlock’s Escape Rooms, its owners and parent company, Escape Newport LLC, any and all management, employees, representative attorneys of any and all current, future or potential claims or liability.

Sherlock’s Escape Rooms is located in Florence, Kentucky and Cold Spring, Kentucky. A submitted waiver is required in order for you and/or your minor children to participate in any game. Your online submission of this waiver shall have the same legal effect as your unique signature. All sales are final.